New York – what you need before departure

NEW YORK CITY – Pre-Travel Tips

What to do before departure?

I’m just a few days from my departure for NY, and I’m looking forward to get there and enjoy every second in this fantastic city.

And of course, before leaving, you make a list of everything you will need,so if it’s your first time in the US, here’s a list of things you need to know:

– airline tickets (obviously)

– Book a hotel (of course) I personally always go to the CitizenM Time Square.

– Electronic Passport: with the electronic passport you do not need to apply for a visa but just do it online on the ESTA website

– ESTA: (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is the authorization to travel and is done on the site about $ 14.00; there are a multitude of unofficial sites that act as intermediaries for the ESTA but the cost can exceed $ 80.00 so be careful to do it from the official site to not throw away money unnecessarily (which happened to me …)

– New York guide: I personally love the Lonely Planet but you can find hundreds online or download to your smartphone with offline maps (just write ney york looking for your App Store). On the basis of how many days you will spend in the city, make a set of things that you absolutely want to see, and mark them on the map so that you can already divide your visit to areas for vacation days. Obviously once there, you will be kidnapped by a thousand other things that you had not marked, but at least you give a track and do not waste too much time to organize once arrived.

– UBER app: in cities like New York it is now very common to use the Uber service to move around the city, I personally find it very useful for moving from JFK to the Hotel and vice versa

If you are old style and prefer a Yellow Taxy the fix fare is about 52 $ from JFK to Manhattan.

– City Pass: if it is your first time in New York City Pass, it is not cheap but for a holiday of 5 – 6 days at the end it allows you to save a lot because it includes all the main attractions, whose cost of the ticket bought in place it certainly costs more:

– electricity reducer: to charge your electronic devices, remember that in the USA the electric voltage system is different (120V) and you will therefore have to have a power adapter.

– a large suitcase: and I would say half empty when you leaving home, because New York is above all a city that invites to shopping, and I’m sure that you will be involved too in a day of unbridled shopping on Fifth Avenue.

– Credit Card: in the United States you can pay everything with a card, even a simple coffee

Everything is ready?

if you have these things, you do not need anything else, and you are ready to enjoy your trip in the Big Apple –

In a few days I leave and if you want to continue to follow me, I will publish in future my itinerary of 6 days ..

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